Colposcopy in Leesburg

Colposcopy in Leesburg

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To quickly identify early signs of cancer after an abnormal Pap smear, the team at Midatlantic OBGYN offers on-site colposcopy services in Leesburg and Centreville. We also provide biopsy procedures during a colposcopy to accurately confirm your diagnosis. If you have recently had an abnormal Pap smear, schedule a follow-up colposcopy by calling the Midatlantic OBGYN office nearest you or by requesting an appointment online today.

What is a Colposcopy?

A colposcopy is a diagnostic procedure to identify disease in your vagina, cervix, and vulva. The team at Midatlantic OBGYN offers in-office colposcopies for your convenience, and they take about 20 minutes and involve no anesthesia or incisions.

During your colposcopy, one of our gynecologists in Leesburg or Centreville inserts a speculum to hold open the vaginal walls, much like during a pelvic exam. They use a colposcope, a slender instrument that has a special magnifying lens that allows your doctor to get a close-up look at surrounding tissue.

While the procedure isn’t painful, you may feel some discomfort if your provider applies a vinegar solution to clear away mucus and make it easier to identify abnormalities.

Purpose of a Colposcopy

The most common reason you may need a colposcopy is to follow up on abnormal Pap smear results. A routine Pap smear tests for changes in the cervical cells that may be a sign of cervical cancer, and a colposcopy may be necessary to diagnose cervical cancer or other issues like:

  • Genital warts
  • Cervical inflammation
  • Vulvar or vaginal cancer

In some cases, your Midatlantic OBGYN in Leesburg or Centreville provider may perform a biopsy at the same time as your colposcopy. This involves removing a sample of abnormal tissue and sending it to a medical lab for further evaluation to confirm or rule out cancer.

Recovering from a Colposcopy

Most women return to work or other activities immediately after a colposcopy. It is common to experience some light spotting or vaginal bleeding for a day or two after the procedure. Bleeding may be heavier and there may be discharge if you had a biopsy at the same time.

Your Ob/Gyn could discuss aftercare instructions and may recommend limiting sexual activity and not using tampons for a week or more following a biopsy to prevent infections and other complications.

The results of a biopsy can take several days. Midatlantic OBGYN contacts you to discuss them and can recommend any needed treatments or other diagnostic procedures based on your results at that time.

Contact a Leesburg Ob/Gyn to Discuss Receiving a Colposcopy

If you need follow-up testing after an abnormal Pap smear, you may want to receive a colposcopy in Leesburg. Schedule a consultation with the gynecology team at Midatlantic OBGYN online or by phone today.