Pelvic Inflammatory Disease in Leesburg

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease in Leesburg

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are a well-known risk when it comes to being a sexually active adult. Some of these diseases may have mild symptoms, or no symptoms at all, making them difficult to identify and treat. In addition, in some cases, the bacteria from an STD may spread to other areas of a woman’s reproductive system, a medical condition known as pelvic inflammatory disease.

This condition, when left untreated, could result in significant health complications and problems with fertility. Fortunately, when a patient contracts pelvic inflammatory disease in Leesburg, our medical team offers a course of antibiotics to relieve your symptoms and kill the infection. Reach out for a consultation if you show symptoms and need an assessment, diagnosis, and treatment plan.

Causes and Symptoms of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Pelvic inflammatory disease is diagnosed as an infection of a woman’s reproductive organs, typically starting in the vagina and spreading to the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. Bacteria is the cause of this condition and, in most cases, comes from a sexually transmitted disease, such as chlamydia or gonorrhea. In fewer cases, bacteria may cause pelvic inflammation during periods when the cervix barrier is disturbed, such as during an abortion, miscarriage, menstruation, or after childbirth.

Symptoms of this condition may be mild or nonexistent for many women and could be easily confused for other medical concerns. If pelvic inflammatory disease symptoms are present, they typically include mild to severe pain in the pelvis and lower abdomen, pain during sexual intercourse, abnormal uterine bleeding, and painful or frequent urination. In addition, symptoms could include fevers, chills, and heavy or abnormal vaginal discharge accompanied by changes in discharge smell.

Since symptoms could be mild or nonexistent for some women, this condition may worsen into chronic pelvic pain, infertility, or ectopic pregnancy. However, several pelvic inflammatory disease treatments in Leesburg are available for reducing symptoms and eliminating the infection-causing bacteria.

Treatment Options for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Treating a patient in Leesburg or Centreville who has pelvic inflammatory disease involves antibiotics to kill the primary source of bacteria. Typically, a patient takes several types of antibiotics to target all potential forms of bacteria causing this disease. After lab results confirm the specific bacteria form causing the infection, adjustments to the antibiotics may be made for more effective treatment.

Ideally, cases of the condition are caught early enough for effective treatment before significant damage to the reproductive system occurs. Antibiotic treatments do not reverse reproductive damage caused by the disease. Preventing pelvic inflammatory disease from redeveloping requires no intercourse until symptoms subside and the full course of antibiotics have been taken. Treatment for a patient’s sexual partners may also be necessary.

In rare cases when pelvic inflammatory disease does not respond to antibiotics, surgery may be necessary. In addition, if a patient develops a pelvic abscess due to this condition, immediate surgery may be required to prevent a rupture and additional health complications.

Learn More About Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Treatments in Leesburg

Dealing with sexually transmitted diseases is an ordinary circumstance when you are a sexually active adult. However, many women are unaware that some STDs may have no symptoms or mild ones similar to regular vaginal health changes. This is commonly the case with pelvic inflammatory disease.

Treating pelvic inflammatory disease in Leesburg is relatively simple and typically only requires a combination of antibiotics to kill the bacteria and eliminate the symptoms. Schedule a consultation if you may be showing symptoms and would like an assessment.