Labor and Delivery Options in Leesburg

Labor and Delivery Options in Leesburg

Although giving birth is a momentous moment, the labor and delivery process could be overwhelming for some women. There are several procedures that can minimize the risks of complications as you welcome your child into the world.

Our doctors work with expecting mothers to decide on their ideal type of birth, and if any changes are necessary to resolve difficulties. Get in touch for more specifications about your labor and delivery options in Leesburg.

Types of Birthing Procedures

A vital step before giving birth is considering the various options for labor and delivery in Centreville and Reston. You may choose vaginal or natural birth, a cesarean section, or assisted vaginal birth.

Vaginal Birth and Natural Birth

Vaginal birth is the most prevalent type of delivery in which contractions deliver the baby through the vaginal canal. In some cases, you may choose pain medication, such as an epidural, to manage contractions and ease delivery. However, many women choose a natural birth with vaginal delivery using no pain management.

Scheduled and Unplanned Cesarean Section

If a vaginal birth is unsafe or not possible, a cesarean section (C-section) procedure is necessary to deliver the baby. A cesarean section is when the baby is surgically removed from the mother’s womb, instead of through the vaginal canal.

Some women make the decision to undergo a C-section beforehand and schedule their surgery. However, if labor complications prevent vaginal delivery, an unplanned cesarean section may be the best delivery choice for you.

Assisted Vaginal Delivery

Some women having a vaginal birth may have slight complications and require minor assistance. Assisted delivery and labor procedures may use several techniques involving specialized devices or methods to assist the birth of a child.

Procedures for Assisted Delivery in Leesburg

Approximately one in eight women require an assisted vaginal delivery. There are several techniques we use to help women in Leesburg and Centreville with the birthing process.


For some women, we may need to perform an amniotomy to break the amniotic sac either before or during active labor. During an amniotomy, a small device goes through the vaginal canal to rupture the sac and release the amniotic fluid, allowing for delivery to begin.


The perineum, the skin between the vaginal opening and anus, may tear during delivery. An episiotomy procedure makes a surgical cut in this area to prevent tearing. This is typically used for circumstances that require a quick delivery.

Forceps Delivery

During assisted vaginal deliveries, we may use forceps to help birth the baby. The device gently clasps the baby’s head to guide the baby through the vaginal birth canal. Afterward, the mother’s contractions continue to deliver the baby’s body.

Vacuum Extraction

A vacuum extraction uses light suction from a plastic cup to pull and direct the baby through the birth canal, similar to a forceps-assisted delivery. Typically, the technique is combined with labor contractions to deliver the baby’s head and body.

Additional Procedures for Labor and Delivery

There are other minor challenges or unexpected changes during childbirth that may require specialized labor and delivery procedures.

Labor Induction

If the safety of the mother or baby is at risk and active labor has not begun, we may induce labor to begin contractions. Risky situations may include preeclampsia. The procedure uses an intravenous drug to start labor and prevent medical complications.

Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring

An internal or external ultrasound device monitors the fetal heartbeat during labor to ensure the baby’s safety throughout delivery. Typically, women with high-risk pregnancies require fetal heart rate monitoring during labor.

Consider Our Labor and Delivery Procedure Options in Leesburg

Childbirth can be stressful for expecting mothers, but our labor and delivery options in Leesburg could ease the process. Our primary objective is to make sure you and your baby remain happy and healthy through the birth. Reach out for a consultation to discuss your pregnancy and optimal birth plan.