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Prenatal care is an essential part of your pregnancy experience where you receive support and screenings that ensure the health of you and your growing baby. The obstetrics and gynecology team at Midatlantic OBGYN offer the highest standard of prenatal care in Leesburg and Centreville so you receive the compassion, education, and treatments necessary to guide you through pregnancy, labor, and delivery. If you’ve just discovered you’re pregnant, it’s time to make an appointment. Call the office nearest you today or book an appointment using the online tool.

When to Seek Prenatal Care?

Women in Leesburg and Centreville should seek prenatal care the moment they believe they’re pregnant. Getting early and regular prenatal care keeps you and your growing baby healthy. You also learn how you can create the healthiest environment for your baby during pregnancy.

You can avoid complications such as low birth weight and premature demise when you have expert prenatal support. The providers can detect health problems in you or your baby early on if you’re seen regularly. Early treatment can prevent the escalation of any serious complications.

What Does Prenatal Care Entail?

Prenatal care helps keep you and your baby healthy throughout pregnancy. At our offices in Leesburg and Centreville, prenatal care entails:

  • Regular checkups to review the health of both you and your baby
  • Nutritional support, including recommendations about prenatal vitamins
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Tests to evaluate your baby’s growth process
  • Evaluations to check for health complications, such as high blood pressure or infections

You can also discuss your personal questions and develop a birth plan.

Frequency of Prenatal Visits

After your confirmation of pregnancy, expect to visit the office of Midatlantic OBGYN once every month for the first 28 weeks. Your visits increase to twice per month during weeks 28-36. At weeks 36 through delivery, you’ll visit the office once per week.

If you have a pregnancy that’s deemed high risk, these visits may happen more frequently. The Leesburg doctors at Midatlantic OBGYN could create a prenatal care plan appropriate for your particular health needs.

What to Expect during Prenatal Visits?

At our offices in Leesburg and Centreville, the first prenatal visit usually takes the longest. At this visit, your provider takes a comprehensive health history that includes information about your family’s health, your personal health history, operations, and prior pregnancies.

They also perform a complete physical exam that includes a pelvic exam and a Pap test. You undergo lab testing, such as blood work and urine screening. The team checks your blood pressure, height, and weight. They then calculate your due date and answer any questions you might have.

Later prenatal visits involve check-ins on your health and evaluation of your baby’s growth. Your provider runs appropriate screening tests, gets an ultrasound, checks for anemia, and screens for HIV or other conditions according to your personal or family health history and your age.

Contact a Leesburg Prenatal Care Obstetrician

For excellent care during your pregnancy, call Midatlantic OBGYN. We offer complete and comprehensive prenatal care at our offices in Leesburg and Centreville. Use our online booking tool to make an appointment.